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Welding Duebi Srl was founded at the end of 2002, when the main members of the Barotti family, who are the current company’s directors, and their families, invested in the working experience they had gained as employees in the plant engineering sector. Welding Duebi was established as a family business in the Polesine area, first in Gaiba and then in Fiesso Umbertiano, where the company is currently located. It gained importance nationally in the area of plant engineering, as producers and installers as well as maintenance technicians.

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The company currently employs more than 200 people directly, with administrative personnel, technical workers and highly specialized operators possessing the skills demanded by the sector, i.e., welders, pipefitters, carpenters, mechanical maintenance technicians and crane operators. The company also boasts the cooperation of several qualified companies with which it has established a continuous working relationship. To meet the needs of customers demanding the supply of high-quality products and services, Welding Duebi Srl has developed not only operational skills but also technical and managerial capabilities by creating its own technical staff consisting of Project Managers, Site Managers, Quality Control Managers and International Welding Specialists. These positions are necessary today to operate in the petrochemical, chemical, oil and energy sectors.


Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs by guaranteeing the quality of our products and services, meeting with deadlines and providing a safe working environment for our employees.


Our goal

Our vision is to become a leader in industrial construction and mechanical maintenance.

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