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The company’s main production plant is located in Fiesso Umbertiano covering an area of about 10,300 square meters owned by the company and organized as follows:

• two mechanical workshops of 2,000 sqm and 1,000 sqm
• a newly installed painting and sandblasting plant of 200 sqm
• offices and services totaling around 400 sqm
• an external area of 6,500 sqm for logistics

The company also has a production unit in Occhiobello, covering a total area of 7,000 sqm and includes a 2,000-sqm workshop, 200 sqm of office space and a spacious meeting room.

The structures are equipped with all the machinery and equipment necessary for processing activities (calenders, profile bending machines, shears, press brakes, drills and saws, lathes). The workshops contain welding equipment for every kind of processing required on the market; eight overhead cranes handle materials with a total lifting capacity of 40 tonnes.

Over the years, Welding Duebi has consolidated a partnership with Interporto Rovigo (Rovigo freight terminal). Its large quay areas and the possibility of access to direct river transport mean the company can assemble products of considerable size and facilitates subsequent shipment. In fact, considering the construction activities of oversized equipment for the entire European and non-European market, this solution is strategic as it takes advantage of a preferential route to the Port of Marghera avoiding the challenges and times of overland routes.

Planimetria Azienda


Today, in terms of employed resources, equipment and operative means, Welding Duebi is one of the top mechanical and plant engineering companies in the of Ferrara, Mantua, Ravenna and Brindisi chemical districts, as well as in the Venice Refinery, where it is able to satisfy its customers both in plant maintenance and in the realization of new projects and major investments, especially in the area of research in the plastics sector. In this sense, the company satisfies the mechanical needs of practically all the companies on the sites, with which it has multi-year maintenance framework contracts with a duration from one to five years. It also has signed contracts for specific commissioned interventions, extraordinary maintenance or new initiatives.

In addition to being present as a supplier of mechanical maintenance for major oil & gas companies, Welding Duebi also has experience in new industrial sites for the energy sector.


  • Venice Refinery, via dei Petroli 4
  • Mantua Petrochemical Plant, via Taliercio 14
  • Ravenna Petrochemical Plant, via Baiona 107
  • Ferrara Petrochemical Plant, piazzale Donegani 12
  • Brindisi Petrochemical Plant, via Enrico Fermi 50
  • Pontecchio Marconi Petrochemical Plant, via Pila 6/3

The six local units represent a company within the company with a construction site area of 5,000 sqm, including a workshop for prefabrication and temporary structures for services and offices, but above all a fleet of owned vehicles consisting of cranes, articulated trucks, semi-trailers, heavy trucks, aerial platforms, forklifts as well as several light trucks and cars necessary for personnel transport.

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