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Safety in the workplace is a matter of ethics. The company protects the psychological and physical integrity of our employees, providing working conditions that respect the dignity of the individual and safe and healthy working environments, in full compliance with current legislation on the prevention of accidents in the workplace and the protection of workers. Starting from this assumption, Welding Duebi decided to make investments to establish a prevention and protection system that is both efficient and effective, establishing an office dedicated entirely to safety in the workplace and environmental protection.

Our five full-time employees are responsible for protecting the health, safety and welfare of our employees and stakeholders, promoting a culture of safety, implementing best practices and work procedures that are in continuous evolution and designed to promote improvement in terms of operations and personal protection. The HSE office includes the prevention and protection service manager and four employees who collaborate on a daily basis, each in their own operating unit, and are committed to guaranteeing a safe working environment. In addition to these positions, the company has decided to train ten more prevention and protection service officers who already play a key role in terms of environmental protection and worker health and safety and will now be able to make a more significant and more knowledgeable contribution within the organization.

The fundamental principles and criteria underpinning every company decision on occupational health and safety are based on the following:

  • assess risks: where possible, eliminate risks at the origin and minimize those that cannot be avoided
  • plan targeted training plans for each role in the company so that the workers themselves are aware of the risks present at work, becoming the first measure of prevention
  • encourage, at all hierarchical levels, awareness of the role with respect to health and safety protection at the workplace
  • promote a culture of well-being and safety within the company through awareness-raising campaigns involving both the worker and the individual and his or her family in their daily lives





In 2015, the company adopted a quality management system, which allowed the company to be certified under the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001 the same year. In this way, Welding Duebi sets itself apart from unqualified competitors, increasing its visibility and competitiveness in the market.

In 2016, the company obtained certifications of compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007. With this achievement, the company has chosen to adopt an integrated management system comprehensively addressing these three key areas and implementing a process of continuous improvement.

Today, the company is certified under UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI ISO 45001:2018.

Integrated quality, safety and environment manual ⟶



Welding Duebi has made the concept of quality an imperative. Excellence in the production of heavy mechanical steelwork, from structural steelwork to pressure equipment, has been achieved through significant specialization of all operating staff and the ability to respond to customers’ different needs. The main choices adopted by Welding Duebi, which make it a strongly competitive company on the international market, include:

  • the use of a wide range of materials: Carbon Steel, Cr-Mo Alloy Steels (Gr.P11, Gr.P22, Gr.P5, Gr.P9, Gr.P91 etc.), Stainless Steels, Duplex, Super Duplex and Nickel Alloys (Incoloy, Hastelloy, Inconel etc.), all of which are traceable and provided with certificates
  • compliance with international standards: ASME for the American market, PED / EN for the European market and GOST for the Russian market
  • trusted collaboration with external companies that perform specific treatments required, from heat treatments to sandblasting and painting, to non-destructive testing on welds
  • delivery of the final product, certified and complete with all technical documentation


As a leading manufacturer of steelwork, Welding Duebi obtained EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 certification for the first time in 2015, allowing it to:

  • place the CE mark on its products
  • work abroad
  • be included by customers in their list of first choice suppliers

EN1090 compliance also allows us to issue DoP (declaration of performance) as a documentation accompanying the CE-marked product placed on the market.


The company’s qualifications also include compliance with welding procedures qualifications and the presence of highly specialized and qualified licensed welders. In particular:

  • Welding procedure qualifications according to EN ISO 15614
  • Welder qualifications according EN ISO 9606
  • Qualifications in welding procedures and welders according to ASME IX
  • Qualifications in welding procedures and welders according to AWS D1.1

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