Steelwork for the prefabrication of products and parts of industrial plants, including furnaces for the oil & gas industry.

Welding Duebi

At our two production sites located in Fiesso Umbertiano and Occhiobello, we do steelworks for the prefabrication of products and parts of industrial plants.

With our large spaces and state-of-the-art facilities, as well as welding stations for every type of process required on the market (continuous wire welding, semi-automatic submerged arc welding, manual TIG welding, manual welding with coated electrodes, semi-automatic STT welding) we have consolidated our partnership with a “historic” customer portfolio, with which we have intensified the scope and consistency of shop work in the industrial field, and in particular in the supply of pressure vessels, furnaces, columns, skid packages, tanks, heat exchangers, as well as prefabrication of large quantities of piping and carpentry.


Welding Duebi fulfils orders in the petrochemical, chemical, oil and energy industry, especially for the Middle East, Asia and Russia, North and South America.

We haven’t turned our backs on the national and European market, however. We have maintained partnerships with long-established customers, for whom we guarantee maximum reliability in terms of quality of work, delivery times and technology. In order to do this, we continue to invest in human resources and equipment, which are suitable and efficient to meet market demands, but that require continuous updates and technical developments due to the type of work performed.

Our main customers include top Italian and foreign engineering groups.




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